Farm Bureau Brings Lowell Catlett To Annual Meeting

The Socorro County Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting Oct. 20 will feature nationally known speaker and agriculturist Lowell Catlett, Dean of the College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Planning at New Mexico State University.
Catlett is known as an exciting futurist.

His knowledge of technologies and their implications on the way we will live and work is addressed in his varied and upbeat presentations. Catlett works on behalf of corporate and association audiences internationally, presenting his take on trends in healthcare, agriculture, the environment, education and more.

Catlett believes that agriculture will change more in the next decade than in the last century. Six major trends are creating more opportunities than ever before as consumers and producers are aligned in ways that generate agricultural markets in medicine, ecology, bio security, entertainment and lifestyles. These six trends change all of the rules and will make agriculture the nation’s largest industry.

Catlett explains that economic downturns are common (14 recessions during the last 80 years) and provide a means for society to re-balance what they deem important.
“Every recession leads to a spurt in new business starts, reformulation of business practices and new technological adaptations,” he states. “This current pause is no exception as we focus on what we value most-get ready for phenomenal growth in healthcare, energy and lifestyle markets. For those willing to embrace the opportunities, the next decade will be successful beyond any in history.”

The meeting will be held at the Socorro County Annex Building, 198 Neel Avenue NW, on Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public.
To register call 835-0610.