No contest in Socorro; Magdalena candidates file for March election

The March 6 municipal elections will see no change in the Socorro City Council, as the only candidates filing on Jan. 10 were the four incumbent councilors: Mary Ann Chavez-Lopez, Toby Jaramillo, Michael Olguin Jr. and Peter Romero. There were no write-in candidates, so the four will run unopposed.

Socorro’s Municipal Judge Francis Cases is also unopposed.

The same cannot be said for the municipalities of Magdalena and Reserve.

In Reserve, Robert Taylor is challenging the incumbent mayor, Constance Wehrheim. Two Village Trustees, Eddie Varela and Wilfred Estrada are up for re-elction. They are being challenged by John Noah and Clay Snyder.

In Magdalena, Toby A. Jaramillo is challenging incumbent Robert Serna for Municipal Judge.

Magdalena’s village board has two trustee positions up for grabs, and four candidates have filed for the positions.

Current Trustee Carmen Torres has decided not to run for re-election. The other position is currently held by Barbara Baca, who is running again. She is being challenged by Dolly Dawson, William Otero and Arthur Rauschenberg.

The two candidates with the most votes will win the election.

The Mountain Mail asked each of the four candidates to submit a brief statement on why they are running.

Barbara Baca
I believe that I am the best candidate because I was born and raised in Magdalena. I graduated from Magdalena High School in 1972. I worked for the schools from 1979-1997 as a substitute teacher while working at the nursing facility, as well as doing home care and helping EMS.
I am currently on the council, was on the 2000 council, and know the people well enough to know what they want, and what is best for our village.
I listen to the people and do my best to accomplish what they see in the future for our community.
I do not care if they are well off financially or need help, all are equal in my eyes.
I guess you could say I am for the people, by the people, and am the voice of the Magdalena people.
I enjoy speaking for those that cannot or are afraid to. This is what a good representative does.

Dolly Dawson
It’s not for the pay, the glory, or the headaches. It’s for Magdalena, which is a good western village who citizens have made it what it is today.
My folks came to Magdalena in 1935. I was raised here and graduated from here. These people and I go way back. Although we’ve had our ups and downs, these people are all special to me, as is Magdalena.
I’m running because I have the experience from being on the board for eight years, and I also have the time to do the job.
The things I have done are:
Title searches for the village as they are unique as to what property they owned. Then the board had the Village limits and the Village owned property surveyed.
A friend and I went to the cemetery and marked it off with stakes and string. We marked down everyone that had a headstone making records of where everyone was buried. We continue to keep track of where people are being b buried for the records.
I dispatch part time for the Magdalena Fire and Rescue.
The things that are important to me are the water/sewer/trash, airport, streets, senior citizens, Fire and EMS, the BIA dorms and the people.
The citizens have a lot of good ideas and we the board should listen to what they have to say.
I will work with the board and the Village with honesty and hard work.
Thank you for supporting me.

William Otero
My name is William Otero and I am a resident of Magdalena. My father is a local building contractor and he owns and operates Chrystal’s rock, jewelry and saw shop at the east side of Magdalena. I graduated from Magdalena High School in 2007 and I am 24 years old.
I am running for trustee because I would like to push for cleaning up the alleys in town of all vegetation, especially the elm trees that cause so much of a problem with sewer system. I would like to see the village put more effort into the youth center be trying to get volunteers to help with repairs.
I think that something has to be done in town to regenerate the economy with a cleaner town, more people and spend more money, creating more jobs. Of course, I would work hard with the board in order to identify and try to acquire all available funding for village infrastructure projects.

Arthur Rauschenberg
Government should include all citizens with an equal power to maintain and protect their rights. Governmental power should be used for the good of the citizens in a positive and constructive fashion, as power is a Trust in which the Trustees should be held accountable.
I believe every town has the government it deserves. Without active participation and watchfulness by the voters, the elected few may “forget” who put them in office.
No promises (too ‘political’), just an open ear and mind to ideas and constructive recommendations by the citizens of Magdalena.
Remember…you get the government you deserve.
For Magdalena, Art Rauschenberg

Voting will take place on March 6, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.